THE KISSING BOOTH 2 Cast reveal who’s Most Likely to Kiss a Stranger and More | Superlatives

Joey King (Elle Evans) and Joel Courtney (Lee FLynn) are back in The Kissing Booth 2! We asked them and their new co-stars Taylor Zakhar Perez (Marco Peña) and Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Chloe) to play a game of Superlatives and they did not disappoint! They told us EVERYTHING from who's the best at keeping secrets to who would date a friend's sibling to who would try to tempt someone already in a relationship. See all of Seventeen's Superlative videos here:

Producer: Rachel Lieberman
Editor: Julio Perez
Graphics: Kelsey Fink
Talent Bookers: Emily Hausman & Bianca Betta

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