THE GRAND PLAN – Rust (Movie)

Welcome back to another video! Today our story picks up from where it left off in my last video:

My search for revenge on AIM continued as I crafted an elaborate plan to make them miserable. Along the way, I had several run-ins with large groups, profitable skirmishes and raid defense scares. The plan I had made was comprehensive and would result in me throwing the last punch against AIM, lovely revenge. All I needed to do was execute the plan... I hope you all enjoy the video!


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1st song:     Nightworker - Cobby Costa
2nd song:    Grifting in Vegas - Kit and the Calltones
3rd song:     Shuffle and Dime - Lindsey Abraham
4th song:     Imaginary Touch - Christophe Gorman
5th song:    Taking the Leap - Zauana
6th song:     All Is Made of Light - Jon Bjork
7th song:     Walk It Off - Alexandra Woodward
8th song:     12 PM (Instrumental Version) - Lu-Ni
9th song:     The Magician - David Celeste
10th song:     Reflets Du Soleil - Million Eyes
11th song:    Miroir - Million Eyes
12th song:     The Last Bar in Chicago - Nicky Dowling
13th song:     Still Fly - Revel Day
14th song:     The Keys - Gerhard Feng
15th song:     There Is Always a Plan - Piper Ezz
16th song:     As of Tomorrow - Piper Ezz
17th song:     Other Sides of Glory - Fabien Tell
18th song:     Undercurrent - Harper Rey
19th song:     Coyote - Wilsohn
20th song:     New Mantra - Joseph Beg
21st song:     Hieroglyphs - Dream Cave
22nd song:     A Key Figure - David Celeste
23rd song:     Act III Pluvial - Jo Wandrini
24th song:     Signals - Lalo Brickman
25th song:     Out of the Dark - Jon Bjork
26th song:     Phase One - Gabriel Parker
27th song:     Backfire - Jon Sumner
28th song:     Puzzle Of Complexity - Jo Wandrini
29th song:     Spring Queen - Dew Of Light
30th song:     Love For The Ocean (Tigerblood Remix) - Pastis
31st song:     My Great Undoing - Of Men And Wolves
32nd song:     Still Fly (Instrumental Version) - Revel Day
33rd song:     Transmission Road - Nylonia
34th song:     Queen Of Hearts - Velvet Moon
35th song:     Tremble - Leimoti
36th song:     Trans Siberian Express - Luella Gren
37th song:     FOLLOW ME Wild Horse - Cospe
Outro song:     Para Mi - Bassio


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MSI Optix MAG241C 144hz Curved Monitor
Corsair Full Desk Gaming Mousepad
Audio Technica 2020 USB+ Microphone
Neewer Default Cissor Arm
Logitech C922x Webcam
GT Omega PRO XL Gaming Chair (Red)


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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