THE DAY WE’VE DREADED – Cow Emergency One Day After Calving – Homestead Life

We've dreaded this coming for as long as we've had a cow because it can be so devastating. We catch it right away hopefully acted quickly enough.  
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Jumbled keyword paragraph: Our homestead morning started with a unpleasant surprise. Our jersey family milk cow was stumbling in the pasture this morning after dropping a beautiful calf. The baby animals sire is a Dexter bull. We've never seen anything like this on our little farm and it was a little scary. Right away we though it might be milk fever, a condition most common in older jerseys especially in the days after calving. An homesteading animal health emergency is never what you want to wake up to, but now we have to deal with it. The plan: milk out that full udder, administer medications, call the vet. We wanted to be gardening in the garden today, picking cabbage, pruning tomatoes, but all that will have to wait. The new pigs are doing well. The goats are happy in the back pasture. Today is about caring for our dear cow and keeping her healthy.

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