The Airport That’s Hiding A Secret Underground City

The first official episode of my focused rambling series that is yet to be definitively named. Let's talk about Denver International Airport because it's one strange place

Special theme songs for the series made by Heartful 
& thanks to the help of my good friend, CorpseHusband :D

Two things I forgot to mention in the second half of the video!
1. The weird free mason nod on the dedication stone is because 2 “large charitable organizations”, the Masonic lodges; helped to build the airport, and a dedication stone, also called cornerstone, is a Masonic tradition. 
2. The New World Airport Commission DID apparently exist, and it was a “loose collection of politicians and business figures who helped with some of the planning and funding for the airport.” The odd naming apparently was named after the musical piece “New World Symphony”. ..... which... you can decide if that’s a satisfying explanation or not 😂


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