Today we do an amazing teen make over on Evie!  She dyes her hair and shops for all new clothes!  You won't believe her transformation!  We start the day with my outfit of the day, then we show you Evie dying her hair!  She's so nervous that her hair is going to turn purple!  Watch to see if it turns purple!  Then we shop at the mall for tons of new outfits for her, for her teen makeover!  Don't miss Evie's amazing singing in the car on the way to the mall!  Don't miss Kapri and Sebi hand feeding a squirrel!  Then after Starbucks we come back home and do the reveal and try on haul!  Even Brinley finds something and tries it on for you!  Evie looks amazing, you're going to love her make over!  Her hair and outfits look unbelievable on her!

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