Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated

Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated - The Team Fortress 2 community comes together to honor one of the greatest creators we've ever had.
During the last 7 months,
a team of over 100 amazing animators and artists have reanimated the entirety of the masterpiece known as Team Fabulous 2.

This wasn't done just to honor Kitty0706 but to also spread awareness and raise money for leukemia research
(the form of blood cancer we lost Kitty to)

We have been raising money since the beginning of this whole project and we are excited to say that we have already raised over 175% of the goal!!!

You can still donate until August 6th! All donations small or big are extremely appreciated, and we will make sure to thank you all for this.

Check out everyone who has been a part of the video process here:

Kitty0706 was a huge inspiration for so many people and basically invented the new kind of humor we see a lot in online media today.
This whole thing was done to show just how many talented people he has inspired and formed into who they are today.

While raising money and honoring an amazing creator, this project has turned out to show the best side of all of us in the TF2 community,
We can accomplish so much if we all just put our differences aside and work together! Huge thank you to all the people who have been following the project!
Over 20,000 people have been following our Twitter through this project; if you haven't, check it out to see WIP's from when we were working on the project and a lot of other things like fanart from you guys!

This whole project was done in the 2D medium instead of 3D to stay away from kitty0706's original style with Garry's mod so it doesn't seem like we were trying to one-up his video or improve on anything. The original Team Fabulous 2 is a masterpiece. 

Footage used from kitty0706's: 
Team Fabulous 2, Moments with heavy, Elliot goes camping

PS - If ads suddenly are enabled on this video it is not me making any money it has been enabled by copyright owners, so they can make money                 (I'm not 100% sure if it's a real thing)

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