SVT Cobra Terminator | Still Smoking Imports

We review the 2003, 2004 SVT Ford Mustang Cobra Terminator to find out why the car has such a cult following in the auto world.  We look at the good and the bad and why this car maybe an amazing collectable and how relevant it is today.  The pony and muscle car horsepower war have been raging so it would be a surprise that a car pushing 20 years old would even factor in.  Whether you are a fan of Chevy Camaros, Corvettes, Honda S2000, Dodge Challengers, Subaru STIs you will find an interesting history lesson here.

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00:00 - 01:26 Intro
01:26 - 4:31 Interior Impressions
4:31 - 7:40 The Condensed Story of the Cobra Terminator
7:40 - 9:26 Suspension, Transmission, and Body
9:26 - 11:16 Rear Suspension, IRS, and Differential
11:16 - 14:18 The Engine and Supercharger
14:18 - 19:37 Driving Impressions
19:37 Final Thoughts

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