STIMULUS CHECKS CONFIRMED: DETAILS HERE (100% REAL, Mine is $2,900) | Stimulus Bill Update

NEW STIMULUS CHECK DETAILS ARE HERE.  I am going to break down the new stimulus check details released in the new stimulus bill. 

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The new stimulus check round two is here! We are getting another stimulus check.  

There has been a lot of talk about stimulus checks since the CARES act stimulus bill passed.  But now, with the Republican Senate bill officially here, Steve Mnuchin confirmed that the new stimulus check will have the following details:

1. $1,200 individual checks
2. $500 per kid
3. Income cutoffs: $75,000 individually or $150,000 married filing jointly

So the stimulus check is the same as the first 1200 stimulus check!

My stimulus check, since I am married, would be $1,200 + $1,200 + $500 (one kid) = $2,900.  CRAZY.

The difference between this stimulus check and the last stimulus check is that the stimulus check this time will include adult dependents.  

The stimulus check will likely be distributed in August sometime.  The stimulus bill has support from the White House.  The House also passed a similar bill called the HEREOS Act which gives another round of stimulus checks.

The new stimulus checks are not taxable and the stimulus checks will go to social security recipients and veterans benefits and others too.  You will have to pay back child support on your stimulus check payment, since this stimulus check will be like the last stimulus check in the CARES Act.

There are still many details to be released but it is confirmed that we will have another round of stimulus checks!

What do you think of the stimulus checks?  Comment below!

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