Snowplowing the Christmas Blizzard 4k

Zach in the Skid steers hits Alex in the Plow truck, the John Deere TLB fries a belt, A semi Gets tangled in the wires, The SnowDogg plow breaks, the temp drops 76 degrees (45F to-37F) in 18 hours turning the roads to Ice Merry Christmas!

Video Chapters

0:00 Lets get the show going
3:09 Making the plan
6:14 The snow keeps getting deeper
7:37 Wrecker tows in the semi
9:06 Lefty
11:28 Can I get this plow to work?
14:23 Moving deep snow POV
17:33 Cat Skid moving snow
19:59 Firing up the Bobcat
23:00 Backplow POV
24:26 why doesn't the sledge move?
26:49 Skid hits truck
28:35 Going out to a new account
29:59 starting the new lot
33:30 hand shoveling
34:58 Franky
36:04 what is Dirtmonkey force?

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