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Which talented Schitt's Creek actor is also a musician in real life? Which on-screen cast mate is Daniel Levy’s sister in real life? Find the answers in this video!

Before hitting the big time with Schitt's Creek Annie Murphy aka Alexis Rose made a few appearances on TV shows such as Rookie Blue and Blue Mountain State. 

Annie has been married to singer and musician Menno Versteeg for over 9 years now. When it comes to future plans, Daniel Levy aka David Rose has signed a three-year-deal with Disney’s ABC studios to develop new projects.

After the show’s sky-high success, Eugene Levy aka Johnny Rose is looking forward to some downtime before looking at any future projects. On the romance side of things Daniel Levy is married to his wife of 43 years - Deborah Devine. We don't know much about Deborah but it appears she is a screenwriter and producer. 

If you didn’t know before, well now you know - Sarah Levy aka Twyla Sands is actually Dan’s sister and Eugene’s daughter in real life. Sarah has been dating actor Graham Outerbridge,
who is most known for his roles on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Super Single. 

The similarities between Emily Hampshire and her character Stevie Budd seem to not be limited to her love for cabaret but her sexuality too. Can you imagine that Catherine O'hara was not keen on doing the show at first, she only jumped on-board after Daniel told her that she could be involved in the creation of Moira’s character.

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