Sasuke’s Jealousy of Kakashi In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

Despite being one of the two most powerful shinobi alive, Sasuke Uchiha is far from perfect and there are clear limitations to what he can do. In fact, despite Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke's former teacher, being far weaker than Sasuke, there are some areas where Sasuke still hasn't surpassed his former teacher and the gap between the two remains larger than the gap between Hokage Naruto and adult Kiba! However, just what is it that Sasuke is still lacking and how exactly does Kakashi still have the edge over Sasuke in this regard, to the point where Sasuke himself is jealous of his teacher in Boruto Naruto next generations! Grab those ramen bowls for this latest installement of Sasuke Shinden The Teacher's Star Pupil.
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