RV Tour 🚙 SOLO FEMALE Full Time RV Living in an Airstream Basecamp 👩 with a Dog and Cat 😸🐶

In today's full time RV living travel vlog, we do another RV Tour with a Solo Female full time RV living in an Airstream Basecamp with a dog and cat.  

I have a really cool treat for you today, I had the privilege of interviewing a fellow Xscaper, Cass, and got the meet her cool cat Napoleon and cute dog Jasper. as well a take an RV tour of her really awesome Airstream Basecamp.

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→ Cass' Favorite Fried Rice Recipe: https://www.food.com/recipe/easy-fried-rice-20643

Cass will also answer some of the questions you submitted! Ok Cass definitely has a luxury RV with this Airstream Basecamp. It has amazing views that rival even the best RV living rigs and it was of the most amazing tiny home on wheels I've seen. 

As mentioned Cass is living the solo female rv life and has been for over 2 years. She shares her insights on RV living with cats, RV living with dogs, and RV living with pets in general in her Airstream Basecamp. She gives us an amazing RV tour and goes really into what full time RV living is like while traveling as a solo female. Cass also shares some of her favorite RV camping spots she's visited.

I really appreciate Cass sharing her RV life and giving us an RV tour of her tiny home on wheels, the Airstream Basecamp and introducing us to her cat and dog.  This was my first time interviewing someone about Rv living with pets.  So that was very interesting.

The topics we discuss in the RV tour and Full Time RV Living interview are: solo female RV living, what RV living is like in the solo female rv life, rv living with dogs, rv living with cats, rv living with pets, full time rv living, full time rv, airstream, airstream basecamp, rv life, rv lifestyle, rv travel, rving, rv camping, rv living full time, rv life full time, full time rving, travel trailer, basecamp, camper, tiny home, tiny home on wheels, tiny house on wheels, tiny house, best rv, camping, travel, AND luxury RV.

What do you think? Is the Airstream Basecamp the best RV for Solo Female Full Time RV living?
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