Roblox Piggy – Everyone is Cursed! Book 2 Chapter 6 Roleplay Animations

Piggy Book 2 Chapter 5 is out now and the final cutscene shows Pony, Mimi, Giraffy and Georgie escape the jail as Tigry looks on. In this animation montage, Timmeh battles Willow, Georgie summons Mr Stitchy, Pony gets yeeted, Alfis has a Willow snack, Pony turns against the good guys, plus Kreekcraft and Timmeh show their winning smiles! What do you think will happen in Book 2 Chapter 6? If you want your idea to be turned into a Piggy animation, let me know your ideas and theories down in the comments and if you like these kind of videos, Like and Subscribe for more!

Who is Timmeh? Timmeh is a character created by Kreekcraft and can be found on Kreek's second channel. Check out Kreeky here

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