Rescue Puppy Was Stuck, Struggling & Sank Deeper Into Depression In Concrete Factory By Firefighters

Rescue Puppy Burned All Body, Thrown Into Reed Grass, Lost Chance To Survive & Eva's Adventure Story

I received a call to rescue a homeless puppy by a worker in Erzincan factory, Armenia. A puppy is about 3, 4 months old. He was stuck at the construction site.
Puppy is screaming, panicking and scared. Puppies cannot move. The more he struggled, the deeper he sank in concrete.
He was exhausted.

Poor puppy lost all hope ...
I could not approach him. I called a firefighter for help.
We are trying to rescue him ...

Maybe, he's in pain, but this is the best way to save him ... Finally, he was brought ashore.
We are cleaning, bathing him. He was weak, freezing and exhausted.
I have taken home to warm. This poor kid is safe ... He's eating, a meaningful meal. After his health stabilized, I was taken back to the shelter. There he has many friends. He will have a happier life.
Thank you all for supporting him ...

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