Putting On 10 Masks & Running 1 Km In 100°F Heat, After Smoking, To Prove Masks Can’t Suffocate You

Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch may have hung up his cleats, but the Elevation Training Mask he made famous in pregame is still inspiring athletes who think it'll help them reap the same cardiovascular benefits as they would working up a sweat at 14,000 feet.

People literally work out at 10,000 ft elevations to purposely suffocate themselves and deprive themselves of oxygen to train better, I don't think a piece of cloth at 500 ft above sea level is gonna hurt you. Grow up. 

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Comment "Behold, The Karen Smiter" if you legitimately have seen people in real life try to defend not wearing a mask by saying it's my body my choice or some derivative thereof. Real big words from the same group of people who are pro-life but I mean Imma just stop roasting here. God I hate the 1946-1964 crowd so much.

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