Our Hearts are Hurting

Our little BamBam has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

"Without death there can be no life."  

If you work on a farm long enough you begin to understand and accept that with life there must also come death, but it never makes it easy saying goodbye.  

BamBam was born a twin with Pebbles. They were bottle-fed and raised on our front porch.  They wore diapers when they came in the house and enjoyed taking rides on the side-by-side ATV with their human daddy.   

By day BamBam was a little tough-guy, an obvious son of Ringo. He would chase the Golden Girls from pasture to pasture, trying to climb way up on the hay roles to prove his dominance to the others, jumping further, higher, and almost always landing with grace and style.  But when he did slip and fall, in true Ringo boyish fashion, he would shake it off and pretend it was done on purpose. He chose to hang out with Annie, because she loved and accepted his unique personality but also because she knew he was someone who needed to kept an eye on.  He lived life on the edge.  He was a risk-taker, a gambler, and he loved being naughty.  

But by night, when all the others were asleep, he was a little boy.  A sweet little boy. He slept on his daddy's rocking chair.  He would lay on your lap, nibbled on your ears, and beg you to pet him to sleep.  He loved being scratched between his little horns.  He would look you deep into your eyes, never blinking, and he knew what you were thinking.  He would be the first to greet you in the morning, and if you tried to sneak though the house without waking anyone, he'd catch a glimpse and start letting the whole farm know that you were awake.  Many a day started earlier than we wanted around here because of him being so vigilant.  

BamBam developed a mineral build-up, a stone, that ended up causing his bladder to burst.  He became septic and was unable to recover from his illness.  He died in the presence of all of his humans care-takers, and he looked every one of us in the eye as he took his last breaths.... he knew what we were thinking.  He knew we loved him.  And he loved us.  

We will miss you BamBam

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