Met You In A Lockdown Part 2 // A GLMM by ChelseaDaPotato

I’m physically and mentally dyinggggggg this mini movie killed me TvT. I’m just glad I got it over with 😌👌

Also I turned the comments off because someone (not naming who cuz I don’t wanna stir drama) copied my mini movie and characters and I don’t want problems forming. :)
I promise to work on videos with or without motivation. That way I can post more frequently uwu. Just pls keep in mind I have a whole other life outside of gacha. None of my friends irl know I have a channel. School’s starting in one week and I need to set everything up. I need to keep a healthy lifestyle- I’m just a mess right now hehe sorry TvT 😭

Okay- enough of that. I hope you guys enjoyed this video (again...I won’t be surprised if you didn’t)

I pulled an X.Gacha.X.X at 22:13 sorry I just had to wosndisbaush. Full creds to her tho please go sub to her: she’s almost at 300k yayaaaa

If you wanna see spoilers and some other random stuff, feel free to follow my insta: @chelseadapotato 

Apps to make this vid:
- KineMaster
- Video Star
- Gacha Life

Apps to make the thumbnail:
- iBisPaint X
- Phonto
- PicsArt

Music/sound effects:

Other audios/sound effects were found in KineMaster 

Sub count: 310,015 (holy crap thank you so much what thy heck)

I’ll be making a 300k special next so stay tuned uwu 💙

Welp...that should be it

My storage is crying right now TvT

Thanks for reading this problematic description 🤣 

I love you all so much 🥺💙 stay amazing, smart, and beautiful. 

byeeee ✨

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