Melissa Rauch’s Stunning Transformation Is Really Turning Heads

It's safe to say The Big Bang Theory started Melissa Rauch's career with, well, a bang. However, Bernadette Rostenkowski wasn't her first role. From being a budding stand-up comic to starring in her very own movie, Rauch has come a long way. Here's the stunning transformation of Melissa Rauch.

Melissa Rauch knew she was in for a life of laughs when she became obsessed with comedy in kindergarten. She revealed on At Home with Linda & Drew Scott that her parents' words of encouragement are what inspired her to make comedy her career.

While Rauch wasn't allowed to stay up past her bedtime, her parents would record late night talk shows for her so she could see her favorites on screen. Soon, Rauch was given the opportunity to show off her comedy chops at her school's talent show.  Speaking to Conan O'Brien in 2012, the actress said she became quite the class clown. She told Conan:

"I would watch sets of, like, Whoopi Goldberg, and do things that were wildly inappropriate that I really didn't understand."

In fact, as Rauch admitted, her parents were often called in to her school due to her raunchy jokes and wild behavior. Keep watching to learn why Melissa Rauch's Stunning Transformation Is Really Turning Heads!

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A budding comedian | 0:00
Honing her craft | 1:09
A writing partner | 1:58
Soulmates | 2:51
A one woman show | 3:39
Trouble breaking in | 4:28
The Big Bang Theory | 5:12
Bernadette's accent | 6:00
Voiceover work | 6:52
Making her own starring role | 7:51
Starring with her idol | 8:28
Journey to motherhood | 9:09
The Hollywood Walk of Fame | 9:54

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