Lockdown AGAIN! Second Wave Hits! How We Entertain Ourselves In Quarantine (Milo Speaks!)

hey guys! So here we are again, trapped inside forever more.... Luckily we have all the fluff in the world and the cutest baby ever to keep us occupied!

I finally caught Milo speaking on camera for all of those that always ask! Only 2 wishes left now....

Me and Niko had a cuddle but she decided to become playful, problem with Gian dogs, they come with giant paws!

Shane was teaching Mia the basics of DIY and how to operate hand tools safely, he was making a shelf for in our van so we can store all of Mia's toys, bottles, nappies, wet wipes, baby carrier, blankets, formula, clothes, sterilising tablets, favourite fish and the list goes on.... 
needless to say, she was thankful. 

Isn't the thumbnail the cutest? Phil looks modest and a good boi while Niko breaks the rules being cheeky!

Thanks for watching guys. Until tomorrow! Love from all the gang xx

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