Lamborghini Sharerghini is Back!? (Can It Be Fixed)


You saw in last vlog “Mystery Neighbor ESCAPED Lie Detector Test!! (She Tricked Us)” Stephen Sharer did a lie detector test on Ellen Mystery Neighbor to learn more about her plan with the twin game masters. Today in Stephen Sharer BRAND NEW vlog for 2021, Stephen Sharer is headed to the service repair shop to check on the Stephen Sharer’s car, the Sharerghini Lamborghini. Steven Sher and spy best friend BFF Stephanie hop in an undercover uber driver car to get to their destination. What the best friends don’t know is that their uber driver is Ellen Mystery Neighbor undercover in disguise. At the top secret spy shop, Stephen Sher spots exclusive limited edition supercars and brand new Lambo. At the shop Stephen Share inspects the Lamborghini Sharerghini to see if its fixed because it was previously broken by Lucas and Marcus Dobre and Colie. When Stephen and Stephanie get back to the Sharer Fam house, Ellen Mystery Neighbor broke into the house so they caught her trying to steal Share The Love merch. Watch today’s vlog to reveal top secret hidden clues!! When will the #Lamborghini finally be able to be picked up from the automobile shop? Also was that the Mystery neighbor spying on Stephen Sharer? 


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