Kaley Cuoco’s Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads

Kaley Cuoco is widely known for playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but that's just one highlight of her career. She got her start in acting when she was just 5 years old, so she's clearly come a long way since then! Here's a look at her stunning transformation.

If you thought that Kaley Cuoco's only talents were in showbiz, think again! It turns out that she has a knack for playing tennis, a passion she discovered when she was a kid. Her parents wanted her to be well-rounded, so they encouraged her to have a hobby in addition to acting. In 2014, she told Cosmopolitan,

"My Mom made this rule: If you want to do [acting], you have to pick something else, too."

And tennis was an obvious choice for that something else. During her competitive days, she even became a regionally ranked amateur. She explained to Cosmopolitan,

"As cheesy as it sounds, all my eggs were never in just one basket. I had a thousand baskets going on."

But that all changed when she realized that she couldn't divide her time and focus between acting and tennis forever and thus she would have to choose between her two loves. So at age 16, she decided to call game, set, and match on her tennis career and instead focus on performing.

Watch the video to see how Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads!

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Hitting the tennis court | 0:14
Breakthrough role | 1:18
Mourning a co-star | 2:02
Going under the knife | 2:55
Calling off her engagement | 3:49
Marriage back in the cards | 4:27
Banging into stardom | 5:05
Freak injury | 5:57
Getting married again | 6:45
Priceline Dream Team | 7:41
Traveling for the environment | 8:13
Big dreams for the future | 8:55

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