Invasive IGUANA & Snakehead- Catch Clean Cook- AMAZING Iguana Recipe!

*** Both Iguanas and Snakeheads are invasive and highly encouraged by the FWC to be removed from our ecosystem. Everything you see in this video abides with FWC's laws and animals were dispatched humanely***

This is one of my favorite videos to date. James, Mitchell and I set out to catch some of Florida's most INVASIVE species. The Bullseye Snakehead and Green Iguana are two highly invasive and destructive species, that were released into the wild and have since flourished. Iguanas are often kept as pets and when they get too big, people release them into wild. Florida is the perfect environment for these reptiles. My buddy James is a professional chef and he made an amazing meal out of these two animals. Fried iguana legs with a soy ginger garlic sauce and pan seared snakehead made this catch clean cook really come to life! The iguana recipe and snakehead recipe were beyond incredible!

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