Inspecting, cleaning, & reviewing the pieces of my custom camper van after 2 years of adventures

Guys, Dora is already 2 years old, can you believe it!? 
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Things I Used In My Build
Bike Mount:  
Maxxair Fan:​
ARB Fridge:  
Monitor arm:
ARB Fridge:  
Bike tray slides:
Roof Racks: 
Sink               ​
Faucet          ​
Swivel seats:​​
Foot Pump   ​
RV Drain        
Window Shades:​
Hang Board: ​
Dense Plastic:​
Hanging Storage:​
Clothe Organizers:​
Water Storage"​
EZ Shower Solution:​
Amazing clip on Cup Holder:

This last September marked the two year anniversary of moving into my van, Dora, and ohhhh what a two years we’ve had!
Together, Dora and I have traveled a whopping 65 THOUSAND miles back and forth across the US... so many times that I’ve lost count… 
Along the way, we’ve camped in some pretty spectacular places….
And our fair share of not so glamorous ones…. 
We’ve driven through all sorts of landscapes and ventured down many backcountry roads…
Some of which we definitely had no business being on…
We’ve even taken our first international trip together as we crossed the northern border and made our way up to Whistler, BC. 
We haven’t been alone on this journey, either. Thanks to Dora’s spacious interior, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stoke of our adventures with friends and family along the way…. 

Today, we are getting ready for yet another adventure with my friend Chance as we prepare to head west seeking respite from the winter, but before we head out, we need to give Dora some much needed TLC because, well…. She’s been a bit neglected recently… 


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