I Spent the Night in my Crush’s BEDROOM & CAUGHT Him Doing This **24 Hour CHALLENGE** 😱|Emily Dobson

Hi my Eminems! It's Emily Dobson A.K.A one of Piper Rockelle's Best Friends. Welcome to my youtube page here you can see another youtube video i spent the night in my crush's bedroom & caught him doing this **24 hour challenge. Thats right guys in todays 24 hour challenge, myself, and the girl squad spend the night in Sawyers Sharbino's bedroom. During this challenge my crush didn't even notice us in his room, and we caught him doing some silly things. Stay tuned to see what happened in this overnight challenge with my crush, Sawyer. If you enjoyed this how well do i know my crush please LIKE, and don't forget to subscribe for more weekly videos with the squad. 

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In This Video
Hayden @Hayden Haas Vlogs 
Saywer @Sawyer Sharbino 
Sophie @Sophie Fergi 
Symonne @Symonne Harrison 
LEv @Lev Cameron 

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