I snorkeled my Canam Defender Limited and Hired a luxury mobile barber

The idea was to build snorkels and make a video of the defender going deep but instead I ended up breaking a axle playing in the new mud hole. (It’s really nasty now)

Ok so about the hair cut.
If you didn’t know. The reason why my hair is so long is bc, a year ago I told myself I wasn’t aloud to get a haircut until I go full time with you tube. Well, here I am and I decided let it grow 😂
 I used that as motivation to quit my job and I ended up keeping it in the end 😂
Everything happens for a reason and it if wasn’t for that strange choice of drive then I would’ve never met Jay.
A buddy I grew up with has been getting his hair cut by him for 9 years. When corona hit, he couldn’t work and invested his savings into his own LUXURY mobile red carpet Barber experience. This man is the real deal!!
His story is amazing and I know he’s worked hard for it through these strange times as most of us had. 
Although I didn’t get a haircut, I decided to pay for his time to show him the luxury world of off-roading in hopes that he’ll come out and cut my hair next time 😂🤙🏻


Man this whole Full time thing is crazy. I’ll be getting more detailed with builds now that I have more time. Starting with My 2020 Can-am Defender Limited hd10.

I’m going all out with this one. You wont want to miss it. 😎🤙🏻


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