I Became A Millionaire And Hid It From My Poor Family | This is my story

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Hello, everyone. My name is Kamilah and a couple of years ago, I became a millionaire and hid my wealth from my poor family.

Our family was poor, but my father didn’t want us to be the food-stamp family, so… we were a child-labor family. All of us worked - my parents, my siblings, and me. While other kids were having parties after school, I was scrubbing other people's toilets to get food on the table or helping my parents at their shop.

During graduation year, I met Max, my first love. He was in my debate club and we hit it off right away. One day, he stopped as we were walking out of class and said, “Look, I’m just gonna come out and say it. I really like you.” I still remember my heart fluttering, my hands shaking. Max and I arranged our first date that Saturday and I was over the moon, counting the hours until my first date ever. But then I came home. 

My father was spouting one curse word after the other. He didn’t explain much, but we were losing our shop. Which meant that all of us had to compensate for that. I remember asking my mom nicely if I could have one Saturday free. Her face turned red with fury. “So you want your family to starve for a day so you can flaunt your body at some stranger?!” her scream echoed through the whole neighborhood. I had to cancel my date with Max. I had to cancel time and time again. Then one night, when I came back home, dirty, sweating like a pig, exhausted, I got a message - “I’m sorry, Kamilah, but I don’t think I can be in a relationship with a person whom I barely see.” And that was it, that was my first relationship - no date, no kiss, no make-out sessions in the school library.

But this wasn’t the end of my misery. My parents told me that if I wanted to study at the university, I would have to pay for everything myself and still help them. We even had the same bank account so they could oversee my spending. I knew that this was a set-up for disaster, but I agreed. I’d come back home for the weekend and my dad would say “it seems like you’re spending way too much in the coffee shops.” I thought that I'd go insane, but then, one strange event led to another and my life started changing...

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