Hummingbird Feeders BE AWARE of Issues Before YOU Buy, EASY to Clean, Bees Ants & DIY Recipe Nectar

How to pick a hummingbird feeder, things to be aware of when purchasing a hummingbird feeder, this can make things much easier for you. And safer for the birds too as they feed and go to nest.   Here I go through hummingbird feeders thoughts and ideas and issues and concerns and tips on hummingbird feeders, so you can decide which will work for you, going over prices, plastic or glass, cleaning problems, bees, hummingbird stands, hummingbirds perches, hangers, flowers, easy cleaning, and so much more. AND also the Oriole birds, the males, are back getting ready to nest and the females just showed up here too.

Here is the aff. link to the ones I purchased from there, I bought 6 (which lowers the price), but this is for 1 feeder here:

Here is the aff. link to the set I purchase of 6, great feeders, easy to clean and last a long time:

Here in an aff. link of the ones that are my favorite and I have purchased from them, this is for 4 feeders:

Our Hummingbird Playlist :

Shopping for Hummingbird Feeders Choosing Right Feeder for Your Garden or Yard & Easy Recipe & Nest

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