HoneyDew Podcast #78 | Josh Adam Meyers


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My HoneyDew this week is the 4-legged fleece freak, Josh Adam Meyers! Josh returns to share stories about selling “Noga Beans” in high school that ended up with the police getting involved, a Lollapalooza he’ll never forget but can’t totally remember and losing his virginity. 

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http://www.yourmomshousepodcast.com/ 7:06 Drinking in 9th grade with friends 10:12 Greg the instigator makes Mike cry 17:35 Greg pranks Josh Adam Meyers 18:30 Selling fake drungs in high school 25:12 Josh Adam Meyers finds his way 32:14 Hooking up at camp 44:03 Missing my moment with Tammy 51:42 More missed hookup opportunities 53:39 Not making your move 55:19 Myrtle Beach guys trip 59:52 Ryan's loses his virginity 1:00:42 Myrtle Beach guys trip (continued) 1:04:46 Finally getting the girl 1:06:52 Lollapalooza story

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