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Today in Stephen Share’s BRAND NEW VLOG, Stephen Sharer, Grace Sharer, Chase, and Alex continue their search for the ULTIMATE GOLD TREASURE! Today their search has lead them to the Sharer Family boat where the Sharers will be exploring the ocean in search for abandoned island that the treasure map is said to lead to hidden gold there. This secret island is called Mason Neck State Park which is a top secret location in the ocean near Virginia that the pink and green mask person has lead them to. Knowing a storm was coming the Sharers got to the island top speed so they would not become another ship wreck! A broken boat would not be good plus they have gold expert Alex with them who can help deiced how much the gold is worth in real life IRL. Not long after Stephen Sher and his best friends the boat port they encounter pirates also looking for secret treasure gold!  On the way out to the secret buried treasure island Stephen Sharrer and his friends see a crazy sea creature and other people panning for the secret gold treasure! Once Stephen Sharer, Grace Shar, Chase, and Alex get to the island where the map they got from the mystery pink and green mask person lead to, they spread out to search for gold evidence and clues for the buried hidden gold!!  Before long park ranger game masters come by also looking for the mystery gold, Stephen and his friends have to be quick if they want to find the mystery gold buried treasure before anyone else!  Next Stephen Sharer’s spy gadget metal detector starts beeping like crazy and Stephen Sher and Chase find the BURIED TREASURE MYSTERY GOLD worth $400,000,00 four hundred million dollars!!!

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