Hardest Decisions Ever!! Phil’s Specialist Consultation Turns Into Sedation And 5 Biopsies!!

Hey guys, results aren’t expected for the next 2-3 weeks and then they expect further testing to be carried out. He is quite sluggish at home and wanting lots of cuddles. Its pouring rain today and the vet said to keep him warm and take it easy because he has had a lot of blood taken, so the heating is on we are curled up under a blanket editing this video to get it up for you tonight. 
We didn’t expect so many tests and minor surgery to be carried out on our consultation and were very surprised it went to this level so quickly. Insurance limits were already capped at a £90 for a specialist consultation and it doesn’t look like this treatment with the specialist will be covered as we requested to see them as apposed to our vet diagnosing and treating. 
We have set up a go fund me for Phils medical bills we aren’t sure what the tests will end up costing but the first batch was £1200 just for the exploratory tests and we expect he will need a lot more before we get a treatment plan for him and medication. Here is the link to the Go Fund Me: 
https://www.gofundme.com/f/phils-specialist-medical-treatment. Phil Means everything to us and whilst we will do everything we can to do the best by Phil, we will be limited to our current financial situation with only one of us working while the other cares for Mia. We have just bought a new van so we can go travelling with the dogs and we have saved up for nearly a year now for this but I think our travels will have to be limited to the UK for now in smaller doses while we consider the cost of treatment and if its indefinite long term costs or a one off remedy. Our van is our biggest asset currently and may therefore need to be a consideration to help with Phil as he is more important. Phil deserves the best from us as he has given us endless happiness and he is such a brilliant dog, he needs our help to fix this for him and we promised him we would.

Questions Ingrid the vet asked us during our 15 minute car phone consultation:
When did you get Phil was he a puppy? – Yes from 10 weeks old
Where did you get him from? – An Alaskan malamute breeder in Liverpool
Have you ever taken Phil abroad? – Yes to Switzerland and France. 
Did you go to the south of France? – No just the alps and North France, he had the hair loss before we went to Europe
Was it just in 2018 that you went to Europe? – Yes but how did you know that? I can see when you applied for the passport
How is he eating and drinking? – Normal hes always hungry no changes to diet drinks fine.
How are his poos? Fine consistent 3 times a day.
Has he been coughing or sneezing at all? Yes he sneezes all the time but that’s his way of showing excitement
Does he get a discharge from his eyes or nose? – No
Any vomiting? – no
Does he live in the house? – yes
Where does he sleep? – in the house he usually sleeps on cold tile floor but if hes wet after bath or rain he’ll want to sleep on carpet where its warmer
How many people in the house? – 3 humans and another malamute and cat
Any skin lesions on those? – no
What has Phil eaten since he was a puppy? – He started life on dry pedigree but for the last 4 years he’s been on Applaws grain free wet and dry food, flavours chicken and ham or beef
What does he get for treats? – he gets Applaws tuna loins or just normal treats and peanut butter generally all natural
Does he get any dairy? – yes Greek yoghurt ice lollies with peanut butter. No other dairy
Where does he go for walks? – All over the place parks, fields lakes beaches
How often does he walk every day for? - An hour but he’s quite slow and calm on walks. 
How do you groom him? – we wash him at home with oatmeal shampoo
Any other illness? Anal Gland issue May 2019
When do you think his hair loss started? Probably about 3 – 4 years ago
When did he start Thyroid medication? – November 2019
Any change to his weight? – Not drastically only 2kg
Does he swim a lot? – No but he loves wading in water up to belly depth
Any change to his hairloss over the seasons? No consistent throughout the year
Are your two malamutes related? No from two different breeders related by love only not blood
Are you in touch with the breeder any issues noted? Yes still in touch and nothing with his parents or the rest of his litter.
Has Phil ever had any biopsies done? Yeah when he had the anal gland issue
Then we cut back to the video and she came to collect him.

Thank you all for watching and the lovely messages we have been getting on our instagram and youtube page. It means the world to know that so many people care for Phil as we do. He truly is a special dog that generates happiness! We will keep you all regularly updated as we find out more. Hopefully this time we get somewhere with the test and treatment as it has been years... Thank you to our lovely follower that put us on this path by recommendation of their malamute with same symptoms.

Love from all the family xx

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