Guinea Pig Spa Day

Spa Day for the guinea pigs! A hair cut for one guinea pig and nail clipping for everyone! 
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* Wood Log:
* Water Bottle Holder:
* Water Bottle:
* Guinea Pig Fence Floor Time:
* Grid (C&C) Cage:
* Suitable Store Bought Cage:
* Willow Bridge:
* Frieda's Favorite Toy:
* Pet Camera:
* Camera I film with:

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- How old are your guinea pigs?
Sylvester is 6, Minnie is 2, Lulu is 2, Gatsby is almost 1 and Nugget is 6 months
- What camera/ editing software do you use?
Canon Eos 77d & Final Cut 
- Don't they jump over the little gate?
No :) They could, but they don't. 
Guinea Pig Noises 1:
Morning Routine:
Guinea Pig Noises 2:
What to do when your guinea pig is pregnant:

Music from epidemic sound.

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