Grand Design Momentum 397TH (Full Time RV Home Tour 2.0) | Changing Lanes

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We published our RV Home Tour 3 years ago! Wow, time flies! A LOT has changed in 3 years. We've done tons of upgrades and modifications, and we've also had lots of time to figure out what we like and what we would change.  Come with us on this updated tour! 😀 

00:00 - Intro
02:46 - Outside (Driver Side)
07:56 - Outside (Front)
09:16 - Outside (Passenger Side)
13:54 - Outside (Rear)
15:00 - Inside (Bedroom)
19:45 - Inside (Bathroom)
21:52 - Inside (Living Area)
32:44 - Inside (Garage/Office)

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