Frank Cullotta: A Man’s Head Got Put in Vice & Eye Popped Out, Inspired ‘Casino’ Scene (Part 4)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Frank Cullotta detailed the events surrounding the "M&M Murders in Chicago," where his two burglary partners, Jimmy Miraglia and Billy McCarthy, were tortured and murdered. Cullotta explained the events leading up to the incident, which started with Jimmy and Billy killing a waitress and two brothers connected to The Outfit, Chicago's only mob family. The incident angered The Outfit, and Tony Spilotro, who was portrayed by Joe Pesci in "Casino," came to his childhood friend Frank and asked if he was in on the situation. After clearing his name, Frank helped Tony get Billy, who was tortured and killed before they picked up Jimmy. To hear the full story, including how an incident with Jimmy's capture inspired a scene in "Goodfellas," hit the above clip.

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