FailBox #15: Quarantine #2

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0:05 PSA (lost in the mail)
3:28 Fluffy the box inspector Beef Jerky
7:11 Sinaju resinkit
11:04 Beyond the Fences (divine David)
12:03 Diamond Dave with Hall & oats
15:30 Art work by Emilie (take that ex!)
20:55 You have redeemed yourself Charlies 
22:30 Samoht Lion Creations (dating rant)
25:40 G Gundams from Aaron 
26:48 Bunni sends a care package 
29:37 Gundam Game?
31:44 Dog treats & Danny devito
33:47 Displates from Steven 
36:57 Vault dwellers and skygraspers 
40:09 Sorry for the bad & low energy 
41:47 Double-tap audio 
44:09 Airsoft gun. now I hunt the mice (Alex trolls me)
46:10 Emile hits me right in the feels! (I'm not crying)

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