Extreme Hide and Seek with Best Friends in Our House!

Recently Matt and Rebecca found that Rebecca is Dizzy, Last to Stop Walking Wins Among Us.  Next Rebecca Zamolo uploaded AMONG US in Real Life with FAMILY, But Everyone is SUS.  Finally The Game Master Network made Confronting The Game Master to Learn His Secret Truth.  Now we need to find the next device and the GM said that we need to play an extreme game of hide and seek to find his secret. Do you think we can find his secret?  Matt is it in hide and seek and it gets extreme when someone is sus.  Hopefully we don't see anyone from the rhs because it might turn into a battle royale in real life.  Maddie is still upset at Rebecca for setting her up with a fake Shawn Mendes while Matt's best friend might be hypnotized. When Matt looks for his best friend he might have made it into the attic. Thats where the hidden mystery tunnel is.  Why does everyone have a secret don't ask what 2-13 means.  Can we trust everyone or no one?  Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021. 

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