Exposing the Truth of YouTube (ft. akidearest) | Trash Taste #42

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Trash Taste Boiis: Joey | https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAn1meMan Connor | https://www.youtube.com/c/CDawgVA Garnt | https://www.youtube.com/user/gigguk Follow Us On Twitter: Joey | https://twitter.com/TheAn1meMan Connor | https://twitter.com/CDawgVA Garnt | http://twitter.com/GiggukAZ Edited By: https://www.youtube.com/c/MudanTV Intro Animation - https://twitter.com/utafiti_ 00:00 Fire intro 01:01 Aki reveals her name 01:13 YouTuber wikis are unreliable 03:01 Garnt socializes 04:02 Who is Akidearest 05:50 Are we anime YouTubers 07:34 Aki used to do analytical content 09:03 How Aki and Joey met 09:27 Skoolgirl101 12:24 Aki reaches out to Joey 14:58 Joey was trapped in Canada 16:59 The longest Skype calls 18:39 The AX experience 21:48 Being jealous of American culture 23:39 Parents love YouTubers 25:35 Our parents give us feedback 26:50 Liquid IV 28:19 Starting YouTube 33:25 Our perspective on grinding 34:45 YouTubers and self worth 37:07 Fake friends 39:56 Collabing 42:21 Eye contact 44:41 People need to introduce their friends 45:15 The handshake 46:53 Connor had drinner with Aki's family 50:16 Food is the answer to everything 51:19 Commenting on weight 53:59 Military school 01:05:44 Getting messages from people in your past 01:07:08 School reunions 01:12:11 Moving away from your birth country 01:14:09 Aki used to have an accent 01:15:05 British history and culture 01:16:19 Accents 01:18:53 The Welsh Dragon 01:20:35 Connor is in a clan 01:22:56 Joey trolls his friends 01:24:13 Blowing up on YouTube 01:28:06 Expanding your content 01:30:38 True Crime 01:36:49 Netflix documentaries 01:45:43 How deep is the True Crime world 01:50:18 Criminal psychology 01:52:49 Reality and entertainment has combined 01:56:45 Cancel culture 02:02:42 The YouTube persona 02:04:10 The need to know everything 02:06:50 YouTube views matter 02:10:10 What does Aki's future hold 02:11:04 Joey brings the outro