Every Single Fish in the Aquarium Co-Op Fish Room [Fish Room Vlog]

Being stuck at home means my fish get lots of attention! Find out which pair finally spawned for me...
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0:00 All my fish room tours
0:22 Downsized half the mini ponds
0:37 Variatus platies
1:19 Panda guppies and fry trap
2:53 Blue silverado endlers and cup salvinia
3:22 Yellow guppies
3:58 Platinum ricefish
4:57 Wall of aquariums and wild-caught oscar
5:42 Feeding the hundreds of rummynose tetras
7:04 Turtle tank
7:36 29-gallon tanks with new backgrounds and blue-eyed livebearers
8:28 Yellow labs and Wi-Fi lights
9:49 Whip-tail catfish, fireball red platies, Satanoperca jurupari, and albino Kribensis babies!
14:04 Orange variatus and Malaysian trumpet snails
15:54 Baby goldfish from the 800-gallon aquarium
19:59 Excess guppies and where I got my 1-gallon plastic jars
20:47 Tuxedo guppies, orange shrimp, and fry basket
21:41 Lyre-tail gold blue guppies, Vienna guppies, and tons of guppy grass
23:29 Blue swordtails
23:51 Why snails are so awesome
26:03 New gadgets and decorations in the fish room
29:33 Progress on the 800-gallon aquarium

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