Dream Was Doxxed…

► Dream Was Doxxed...

So Dream Was Doxxed, Now a Few Days ago Some One Asked For a Tour Of Dreams House, That's When Somebody Replied To Them With Dreams Dox, They Posted What Looked Like To Be Dreams Real House, Then When Twitter Got Mad at This Person For Leaking Dreams Address Some One Else Also Doxxed Dream, This Person Leaked all Of Dreams Information, Like Dreams Real Name, And Dreams Real House, Then Dream Posted On His Twitter That He Wasn't Actually Doxxed, So I Decided Not To Make a Video Because It Seemed Like The Dream Dox Was Fake, But Then Yesterday Dream Posted a Statement On Twitter Confirming He Was Doxxed, He Pretty Much Said These People Had Posted His Real Information, And They also Posted Fake Information On Dream, Then Dream Talks About The Drama With His Ex Girlfriend, He Basically Says That She has Been Struggling with Mental Health Issues And Has Been Lying about Dream, He also Said That His Ex Girlfriend Was Manipulated By People To Lie About Dream, Now i Feel So Bad For Dream, No One Should have to Go Through This, And i Dont Understand Why Some One Would Dox Dream, I Also Hope Dreams Ex Girlfriend can get the help She Needs, Hopefully These People Leave Drama Alone, So This Is Dream Was Doxxed, And The Dream Drama Explained, If You Guys Enjoyed Be Sure To Subscribe to The Channel.

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▬ Contents of this video  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Introduction

0:13 - Dream Got Doxxed On Twitter

1:18 - Dream Responds To Being Doxed

2:47 - Dream Girlfriend Drama

8:35 - My Thoughts On The Dream Drama

10:22 - The Outro

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