“DON’T CRY!” Coach Kelley GOES OFF On Girl Kicker! Star QB Doesn’t Want To Play In COLLEGE!?

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It's Episode 8 of To The House! 

Pulaski won their last two games, but the team still isn't in sync. Coach Kelley has had enough and needs his team to understand, you do what the Coach says or you DON'T PLAY! Coach is still upset with star QB Braden for breaking one of his rules and now Braden is on the BENCH during practice! 

But before you know it, Braden’s back in at QB, Coach Kelley trusts him more than anybody else! To be QB1 at Pulaski, you have to be TOUGH. SMU recently asked Braden to come visit their school and consider playing football at the NEXT LEVEL! Braden has some serious doubts, he knows how hard the grind is to be a high school QB and college is even MORE intense.

Meanwhile Savannah is STRUGGLING with her kicks during practice, but no one can say she isn't working hard. When she's not playing football she's playing soccer, so she's out here starting in TWO different sports! She goes from straight from school, to football, to soccer! The grind isn't easy and she’s figuring out what to play in college.

This week Pulaski is facing off against Parkview and this game is gonna be a BATTLE! This is a section matchup, which means if the Bruins lose this one, they could be out of the PLAYOFFS! Braden is going head to head with the best QB in 2021. Joe Himon starts the game by taking the opening kick TO THE HOUSE! Every Friday night this kid puts on a SHOW! 

Savannah messed up her first kick, it doesn't go 10 yards. It's hard to kick in the rain, but Coach is still HEATED! Pulaski is battling, but it's a back and forth game, and EVERY play counts. The Bruins really need their kickers to give them a CHANCE! Savannah has to prove that a girl belongs on the football team EVERY SINGLE GAME! 

Coach is FREAKING OUT at halftime! He knows one more loss could mean their season is DONE

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