Doctor Hamter Fighting Virus COVID-19 !! Hamster Rescue Cat From Monster with Life Of Pets Hamham

Welcome to Life of Pets Hamham. The hamster Hamham will be a doctor who will be a healer for the patient. And our cat friend is sick. So the doctor did the methods to fight the virus monsters out of the cat. 

We do the shape of the cat's shape and the hamster will run in the model, overcome the difficult challenges and fight the virus to be healthy again. 
Do you think hamsters can get through this maze?
Let' s give the little Dr. hamsters a strength to win the corona virus!

Today we make a video with positive messages before the situation on the corona virus worldwide. The video is a gift to doctors who have done so to save people healthy. Thanks and give our sincere gratitude to the doctors and expect to be able to strengthen your solidarity to overcome the virus.

Hope you have some fun with Life Of Pets HamHam 
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