Do Water Balloons *STOP* Fire?? Fortnite Myth Chasers

Is it time to bring this series back? I hope so!

Today's Myths...
* What happens when we use the point it out emote whilst using cap's shield
* Do marauders use gliders?
* What happens when marauders go to steamy stacks?
* What happens if you lead marauders to the whirlpools?
* How many workbenches can be stacked up?
* Will a marauder use a launch pad?
* The water balloon emote and put out fires?
* Will Chug splashes put out fires?
* Marauders won't attack disguised players and wont find you in bushes


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Name in video...
It's simple! Use Code ADAMARU when buying something in the store. Take a pic and DM me it on twitter @adamgrenade (if it's an old item please take a video as people lie about things in the store, sorry)

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