DMX Family Gives CRUCIAL UPDATE On HIs CONDITION | Joseline Calls Faith’s Autistic Son A Animal

DMX and his current status has been on everyones mind since we got news of his condition last Friday. There were conflicting stories from the rappers attorney that led many to believe he was breathing on his own. Only to later find out that the information was not true. Since then the Rapper still continues to fight for his life and a prayer vigil has been set by his family outside of the hospital. Prayers up for DMX.

Now Joseline Hernandez and Faith Evans have previously had a rocky start due to Stevie J being Joseline's ex and father of her child Bonnie Bella and he is now Faiths husband.  The ladies seemed to make up at one point only to fall out again. Faith and Stevie were recently a part of Own's "Behind Every Man" episode and Faith mentioned that at the beginning of her and Stevie's relationship, she almost called it quits after finding out that Stevie and Joseline were still messing around. Well Joseline caught wind and took aim at Faith and her autistic son. Stevie did not like it and aimed back. What are your thoughts?

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