Cute Baby Seal Won’t leave His Rescuers!

Two more seal rescues at Pelican Point, Namibia, by Antoine and Naude from Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN):
Seal 1 had a thin piece of nylon string wrapped around it's neck. It caused a deep painful cut. The salt water will help with the healing process, the cut looked clean and not infected. We are very sure he will make a full recovery. 
Seal 2 was a small male baby seal caught in something similar to cling wrap or shrink wrap. It had not cut into his skin yet, we found him on time before he would get hurt any further. He was caught with our custom build seal catching net, and he seemed to like it a lot, he did not make any attempt at all to get out! Naude and Antoine even helped him to get both his flippers out, and gave him a little push from behind, but he was so chilled, he could not be bothered. 
Eventually he decided to join her friends, and he ran back to the colony. 
Most of our rescues are very serious and difficult to deal with, we appreciate it when we have a cute and uncomplicated rescue like this one in between. 

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