Corgi’s Bday BUT It’s Actually My Birthday! || Life After College: Ep. 683

My Corgi Thinks It's His Birthday (but it's my bday)! Today we celebrate with my sister by baking a strawberry summer cake, dog-friendly shabu shabu hotpot, Japanese Fruit Sandwich, flying kites, opening presents, and More!


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- Baking a Strawberry Summer Cake (and dog friendly version) Recipe Source:
- Corgi's morning walk (my impression of Gatsby's walk)
- Opening Birthday Presents
- Making Japanese Fruit Sandwich using Shokupan (Japanese milk bread) Recipe Source:
- Flying Kites at Fort Funston (get the kites in our Amazon link above)
- We raised $1,365 for the Legal Defense Fund!
- Donate to the Legal Defense Fund:
- Using Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB Coral Nutrition on my saltwater aquarium
- Revealing new Jigsaw Puzzle, Puzzle Restock, Fan Photos, and Tie-Dye T-shirt restock
- Getting a Hotpot from my sister for my birthday (see Amazon Link)
- Shopping at Asian Market for Ingredients for Dinner
- Cooking Japanese Hotpot (Shabu Shabu) with my sister and Gatsby Corgi (Dog Friendly version); Ingredients: thinly sliced beef, napa cabbage, komatsuna, enoki mushroom, mushroom, tofu, ramen noodles, kombu, carrot, rice, and ponzu sauce
- Birthday Cake Rating

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