Characters Killed Off Because Of Their Awful Behavior

In some cases, whether it's out of malice or necessity, tv writers decide the best way to say goodbye to an actor is to straight-up annihilate the character. Here are a few TV and film characters who were killed off because of an actor's awful behavior.

Between 1987 and 1989, the late Jay Thomas played the recurring role of hockey player Eddie LeBec on the hit sitcom Cheers. LeBec is a hockey player for the Boston Bruins who gets involved with the tough, no-nonsense waitress Carla, played by Rhea Perlman, and eventually, the pair tie the knot. 

Sadly, their wedded bliss doesn't last long. The Bruins fire Eddie because of his age, so he's forced to take a job as a skating penguin in a traveling ice show. In a season eight episode, we learn the former hockey player was killed in a bizarre Zamboni accident. 

According to Cheers writer Ken Levine, the hockey player's demise was the result of the actor saying the wrong thing while the wrong person was listening. In a 2006 blog post, Levine explained that at the same time Thomas had a recurring role on Cheers, he was also a DJ in Los Angeles. 

When a caller asked him on the air what it was like working on Cheers, Thomas joked that it was, quote, "brutal" because he had to kiss Rhea Perlman. According to Levine, Perlman happened to be listening to the show, and as a result, Thomas was never seen on Cheers again.  

A few years before he was chopping through orcs as Gimli in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings series, John Rhys-Davies played Professor Maximillian Arturo on the science fiction series Sliders. 

Arturo acts as mentor to Quinn, played by Jerry O'Connell, as they and their friends use wormholes to travel to parallel universes. In the season three two-parter "The Exodus," Arturo sacrifices himself to save Quinn, taking a bullet meant for the younger hero. 

Nearly two decades after his departure from Sliders, Rhys-Davies told Digital Spy that the real reason he took the bullet wasn't to save Quinn but to save himself from bad writing. He said the writers on Sliders didn't have the vision to realize the full potential of the series. He also called the scripts, quote, "incomprehensible gibberish."  Keep watching the video to see all the characters killed off because of their awful behavior.


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