Catfish Noodling: Checking Some Natural Holes Today!

Hey y’all!

I know I’m a bit behind on the editing, I’ve got tons of videos that I have to put together and they’re on both mine and Dad’s phones, so it makes it difficult to have it all together. BUT, we have had an amazing year so far and have caught some HUGE fish! Unfortunately, Dad has torn his bicep tendon off the bone on his left arm and will have to have surgery on it in July 😞 we’ll do a video on that soon on his channel! If you haven’t already, go subscribe to Jeff Barron’s channel! 

Also, me and Dad only have 2 channel. The rest are FAKE! Everything Outdoors is a FAKE Channel! The only real ones are this channel, and Dads Jeff Barron Channel!

Hope y’all enjoy this video of us pulling blue cat and flathead catfish from beneath some concrete and natural holes! We’re sure gonna miss grabbing these fish!

Preciate y’all!

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