Catching gold diggers in GTA 5 RP

GTA 5 Roleplay is a lot of fun lol. Today we basically caught us a few gold diggers. I thought about doing a GTA V RP video last week but just didnt feel it so were here today was some funny moments!

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Hey everyone today we played Grand Theft Auto 5 Role play on FiveM. We had some funny moments where i was pretending like i owned a super nice Bugatti but turned out i didnt and people laughed at me for driving some other cheap little junky car. They denied to be my friend cause i had no money but if i did have that cash they would have been my friend. Gold Diggers i tell you. If yall hit 60k i do have a few ideas i wanna do like some mods or cash drops that i can add into the city/server.

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