Can You Beat Skyrim in Chaos Mode?

Fallout 4 has Survival Mode, Fallout: New Vegas has Hardcore Mode, Fallout 3 has the “Exit to Desktop” button, but Skyrim doesn’t have some special difficulty setting to make the game harder. Luckily for everyone except for me, there’s a mod to fix that. Can You Beat Skyrim in Chaos Mode?

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Can You Beat Skyrim in Chaos Mode? (in text form)

We should begin with the description of the mod: Randomizes Item lists, enemies, and enchantments. Adds chaos mode. Mod is considered Unstable.” Sounds lovely, doesn't it? But what is chaos mode, you may be wondering? We’ll get there. The New Vegas randomizer randomized NPC heights, weapons, armors, inventories, weather, that sorta stuff. This Skyrim randomizer does that, but it also has an option to enable Chaos Mode and it's exactly what it sounds like. You can think of Chaos Mode as a randomizer's randomizer. Chaos mode extends the randomizer to pretty much everything except for textures. Buckets could be 50 feet tall, the Greybeards could be a family of chickens, Malborn was a giant transparent troll. Anything is possible, and that's why it takes time to activate. 

While we let the mod activate, I can explain two things. One, this mod kinda requires the Alternative Start mod to work. In theory it could work without it, but moving onto thing two, we have this lovely message on the mod page itself: Do you enjoy playing a functional game? Goes it bother you that loot isn't more randomized? Do you want your game to crash more? Well, then this mod is for you.” I want it to fall apart, I'm counting on it, but I also want it to be somewhat possible, so I'm taking as many precautions as I can. If I'm jumping into an active volcano, you can be damn sure i'm gonna wear my oven mitts. Besides, I've already gotten through the intro of Skyrim in so many different scenarios, this is fine.

I went with an Orc because being a random race wasn't an option like it is before you're born, if you don't remember seeing that option you probably failed a skill check somewhere. Choice 1 was to randomize world items to allow things like a wheelbarrow of cheese to become a fork or an enchanted Dragonstone chestpiece. Choice 2: I played it safe. I assumed hostile guards would cause problems bigger than those I was already planning on starting myself. Choice 3: every enchantment is random, but I didn't go all the way to making them random every single time they're used. Last choice: what do I do with my life? It's a big one. I left it to chance, went to bed, snagged babies first sword, watched the dresser disapear before my very eyes, woke up in a brothel, found some absurd armor, executed a dead toddler who was brought back from the dead, took an eye the size of one of my own from the fireplace, and left see what this vile wasteland had to offer.

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