Can You Beat Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Without Wanting To Die?

There’s a Fallout game that is considered by many to be one of the worst games of all time, but calling it bad is an insult to games that are truly awful, like Hotel Mario or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Can You Beat Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Without Wanting To Die? 

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Can You Beat Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Without Wanting To Die? (in text form)

The opening cinematic, aside from the metal music playing in place of the 1950s music the franchise is known for, actually does a solid job of setting the stage for a Fallout game. Then come the decisions, which difficulty to play on and which character to play as. I chose the easiest option to wake up from this nightmare as quickly as possible and went with Cyrus as my character because he seemed like the one who would be able to take the most damage. The backstory is vague at best: you’re a Brotherhood Initiate who’s looking for missing Paladins, and that’s it. It was abundantly clear what audience this game was catering to when the leader of the Raiders was a woman in heels wearing next to nothing and dual-wielding pistols. 

After talking to a nearby entertainer and asking her about the men in big metal armor, I went inside the bar to investigate. Here I got into combat for the first time. There’s actually a lot of thought that goes into combat, you can punch people, or, you can punch people. Yeah, that’s it. You literally have one form of attack, the X button. There’s no block, no light attack, no heavy attack, just attack. You have a chance at landing a critical shot that does more damage and you can use different weapons, but that’s it. Brotherhood of Steel is a 15 year old game, but come on, this is garbage by any standard. 

Once the raiders were defeated, I informed Armpit and he told me to talk the the Mayor. I also leveled up. Believe it or not, there is some customization available in this game. There are skills that are admittedly pretty generic across the board, but it’s better than nothing. What’s really truly incredible is that this game has more armor customization than Fallout 3. The slots are: Head, Body, Gloves, and Boots. In Fallout 3, you’ve got Body Armor, Headwear, and Glasses.

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