Calboy – Rounds (Official Video) ft. Fivio Foreign

Calboy - "Rounds" ft. Fivio Foreign out now!:

I use to trap in the spot
We flipping babies got crack like the 80s
I Put my whole wrist in a pot 
Damn , I took a risk with the pot
I told that lady she having my baby I spent a whole brick on a watch .
30 on me I might pick me some roses she loving me not 
I told that Nigga I roll with some killers don’t push it just know when to stop 
And we hunt em down and we send rounds rounds we making it hot 
I got some aim with this dracko I blow it it’s Loud loud he dead when he drop

Big drip , Fivey 
I’m trying to catch me a body 
I know some niggas do killings and robbery 
My shorty a bug he geeking of molly 
We turning up throw Dubb’s in follies 
For nem be chopping that bread like karate 
I’m been a goat lil bitch ain’t no probably 
Heard he want smoke lil nigga no problem
My Nigga’s ready for war
I made some millions but I need some more 
remember We slept on the floor 
he get to tweaking we kick in the door 
Brand new mop I’m a make it do chores
Stop all that talking you making me bored 
I keep that hammer on me like I’m Thor
Catch him outside he get blew off the porch 

HOOK x1 

Big Drip Fivey 
I’m probably fucking on a thottie 
Cayo Kato all the mami’s
She be calling me zaddy 
See a oppy on his body 
Take a purple like a zombie
They say they looking to line me 
But they know exactly where to find me 
They never come try me
They call me drunk poppy
I can move dumb rocky 
And you can’t stop me
We make the situation oppy 
I got the money it’s making me cocky
They see the moves and copy 
If you want to win you got to watch me Fivey 

HOOK x1 

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